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About two months ago, I was dropped off at the New Hope Center by the people I was living with. As soon as I arrived, I was welcomed with open arms and a lot of info. and help to get on my feet. I was in total confusion about what I should do. I signed up for housing and was given a hot meal, clothing, if I needed it. The staff was kind, generous and made me feel I wasn't alone in my predicament.


The New Hope Resource Center was my salvation. They really gave hope by giving me a place to eat, sleep and time to get on my feet again. The volunteers go out of their way to accomodate any reasonable request you make and many times it's more than you would expect. They are surely sent by our creator to show us how we should treat the disadvantaged and disenfranchised. If you have a caring heart and want to help, take a close look at the staff at New Hope Resource Center. Thank you.

Michael P.

Born August 9, 2014 — Lost, May 9, 2015


She was a special angel, God's gift. She looked like God had a lot of extra paint and threw it in the air, and then it landed on her. She didn't belong to me or my family; she belonged to the New Hope Center and Freezing Nights. Maggie used to leave me to cuddle with others that were sick or had mental problems (stress, etc.). She walked on a leash til she got tired and then she let you carry her. She rode on backpacks, bikes and buggies. She would steal onto kids' longboards at the parks. Though she was born at the Puyallup River, she still had manners. She never once went potty inside. She would always let you know she had to go outside.


She was entertaining, that's for sure. The biggest smile I get for now is when I think of her making others smile, or her chasing around the place. I thank all of you cause you all helped Margaret Maggie Mai as I like to call her. (Ann Margaret, to some) So be the love she is.

I hope that she is making some other family happy as she made all of us. She is really missed, but think of all she did and she will bring a smile to your face. Thanks, Maggie Mai. Thank you, God, for the nine months of happiness.     -- written by Tina Moynihan


the Homeless Cat

Seven years ago, I lost my daughter, and I just gave up on life. I started drinking and felt that there was no hope for me, until I came to Freezing Nights. I met some great people here who reached out to me. They told me to try Jesus. And I did. 


I have a roof over my head now and I am so thankful. I am coming back to volunteer in both New Hope and Freezing Nights. 


When the landlord gave me my keys, I had my "Jesus keys" because He made a miracle happen for me. I got the keys on Friday, the 13th! It felt so good to stick my key in my lock and when I opened the door, I just started crying. It took me a few days to realize that I am off the streets. I have a garden now and every time I go out to pick a few strawberries, I look up in the sky and and I tell my daughter, "I made it!"  I know now that the Lord let me have her for 25 years, and she was great. One day, I will see her in Heaven again. And oh, wow, what a celebration that will be!


I was raised by my grandparents, because my birth parents abused drugs and alcohol.

As far as I am concerned, I have no living family, since both my grandparents have passed away. My granddad died in  2006. Nana died on November 30, 2014, at 10 PM. Her son, my uncle, then evicted me two weeks later, after I had been her caregiver for almost nine years. When I went back to check for mail, he assaulted me in that house.

Being homeless here in Puyallup, is a struggle, but unlike other cities, we're more of a family here.

Someday, I would like to back to school to become a phlebotomist. Bates or other schools have those classes, and maybe I can get help from the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation.

I got involved in a school loan with Everest, an unaccredited school that offers medical training, and have thousands of dollars of loans that I cannot pay. So my credit score is really bad. They took my $14,000 grant and I have nothing to show for it.

I love it at New Hope, and hope they can give me emotional and moral support to change my life.


I am camping out with friends because I do not have a home yet. I've been doing that for about a year and a half. I just graduated from Puyallup High School. I often come to New Hope Resource Center during the day. I like it here because I can get something to eat, use the phone, and visit with friends. Share and Care is helping us find a place to live, and Mom and I will live together, then. 

In the future, I'd like to work with animals. I'd love to work in a pet shop or maybe with a veterinarian.

Maybe I could find a community college class that would help me get that kind of job.

That's my baby, Margaret, with me in the photo. One day we let her out of the tent and she never came back. It makes me feel really sad.


My name is Michael and I would like to share with you how an act of compassion saved my life. Because of circumstances, of my own doing, (mainly drugs and alcohol) I found that I had lost everything; job, family and even my home. I was alone in the world— confused and frightened and found my self starving. I put my pride away and sought help. To say the least, I found it hard even to find something to eat.  That’s where the New Hope Resource Center came in.

Right in the middle of the day, they took me in, even before I said or signed anything, I was given a meal, about which I thought it was the best meal I had ever eaten. As I was eating,  staff and others in the same circumstances gave me words of support and encouragement. The people who run the center showed me a few resources and means, if I so chose, to seek out more help.

That was a while back. Today, weeks later, I have a home, a job, and I’m rebuilding my relationships with friends and family. But most of all, a life free of alcohol and drugs!  I want to thank you all for being there for me. I truly believe that you helped in saving my life, and if you ever need anything, and if I'm able to help, I’M THERE!

You have my number. Thank you again, and may God bless you.



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