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MObile Resources Response Team (MRRT)


The New Hope Resource Center is excited to present our Mobile Resource Response Team including an RV to sign people up for services, a laundry trailer, and a shower trailer! These are all completely mobile and able to travel to where services are needed within Pierce County.

"Here is a startling statistic: according to the National Housing Law Project, it is expected that unlawful detainer actions, commonly known as evictions, are expected to increase tenfold when the current covid-19 moratorium on evictions is lifted. Our cities and counties, our churches and civic organizations, must work together to prepare ourselves for the readily foreseeable increase in people without homes in our communities.

When Jesus began his public ministry he quoted from the fifty-eighth chapter of the Book of Isaiah, about bringing “Good News to the Poor.” What is the Good News New Hope is bringing to the homeless poor in East Pierce County, you might ask?

It is Good News to a person who has no home, to take a shower and get clean;

It is Good News to a person who has no home, to be able to do laundry and have clean clothes;

It is Good News to a person who has no place to go to the bathroom, to have a place to go the bathroom;

It is Good News to a homeless person who is hungry, to have food to eat;

It is Good News to a homeless person who is drug and alcohol addicted, to find a place where they can get clean and sober;

It is Good News to a homeless person who has mental illness to find a network of support and mental health services;

It is Good News to a homeless person to gain access to services that will help her find stability, such as vocational rehabilitation services, housing options, transportation help, legal assistance, case management services, etc., etc., etc.;

It is Good News to a person who is afraid and all alone in the world, to find a Community of Christian faith and compassion, where “Grace will lead me home”;

It is Good News when someone is living a life of despair, to find a New Hope for living.

I have never thought that the mission of New Hope was to eradicate homelessness; rather, the mission of New Hope is to save lives, one day at a time, one life at a time.

And so it is that the Mobile Resources Response Team is born, September 25, 2020. I am looking forward to what name we will be calling this vehicle, this instrument of God’s Grace, that will be delivering these desperately needed services. I’m thinking maybe Sam, as in Good Sam, or maybe Good Samantha as the case may be, in honor of those who go the extra mile to help the stranger, wounded, on the side of the road on his or her way to Tacoma, or Sumner, or Bonney Lake or Graham, or down by the river, where the homeless have gathered for 10,000 years. The Good News is an old story.

The Good News today is the Mobile Resources Response Team." ~Ric Rose, Homeward Bound Board Member

And a big "Thank you!"

We would be remiss without thanking our community partners, without whom none of this would have happened!

  • UMC

  • Pierce County

  • CHC

  • Jerry Gintz

  • Service Provider Partners

  • Church Partners

  • Business Partners

  • Staff and Volunteers

  • Columbia Hydronics

  • Prime Electric

  • Ferguson

  • Puget Sound Pipe

  • Ardor Printing

  • Bigfoot Construction

  • United Rentals

  • Central Welding Supply

But that's not all...

This project is far from over, and we need your help! Our shower trailer is still being finished, and we need donations! Anything that you are able give would help tremendously.

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