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Cheryl Borden
Rick Rose
Paula Anderson

About Us

This center was established and opened in November, 2014, by an ecumenical group of people concerned about the lack of medical, mental health and other services for the homeless, and the lack of places where homeless people might be welcomed during the daytime hours. Our program is funded by local churches, grants, and private donations from within the community. New Hope Resource Center is a ministry under Homeward Bound in Puyallup, a 501c3 dedicated to being a catalyst in the community, providing awareness about homeless issues, and administrative services for ministries that help the homeless.

Our executive director is Paula Anderson.

The New Hope Resource Center develops policies and makes decisions through a Steering Committee, comprised of Cheryl Borden, Rick Rose, Paula Anderson, Dr. Ovidio Penalver,  Sister Pat Michalek, Bob Stafford, and Phyllis Smith .

Dr. Ovidio Penalver
Sister Pat Michalek
Bob Stafford
Phyllis Smith
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