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New Hope Resource Center is a welcoming place for homeless adults, where all guests are treated with respect, and are connected with resources to help them out of homelessness.


The Center is open year-round to provide refuge and support to homeless guests.

COVID-19 Updates

Due to COVID-19,   New Hope has modified hours and services.  

We are continuing to provide one meal per day that is served outside our facility between 12:00-3:00.   We are also providing tents and sleeping bags when we have them since there is no overnight shelter in East Pierce County.  

We continue to provide updated information to our guests regarding the virus.  


Donations of sleeping bags, tents, hand sanitizer, Sanitizing wipes, prepackaged food items, disposable to go boxes and containers for food to be distributed, Tarps, large garbage bags, individual size Kleenex packages.

Monetary donations which can be submitted through our website through PayPal.

Volunteers to prepare meals, box them up, and bring to New Hope for distribution.

Additional ideas:  
Contact your city Council member and city administration and ask them to provide  Porta potty‘s with hand sanitizer, portable handwashing stations And garbage receptacles In central locations throughout the city. These are critical needs for those living homeless who can’t “go home” to do these things to help protect themselves and others. 

Lots of prayer!

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you!

Take care

Paula Anderson-Executive Director of New Hope Resource Center

Screen Shot 2017-12-24 at 2.26.28 PM.png

Local Schools send student nurses to                               help New Hope Guests!

  New Hope has partnerships with PLU Nursing School and Pierce College Nursing programs. Their students have taught our guests the basics of foot care,  dental care and wound care. They have done blood pressure checks, changed bandages, and offered advice on health issues. What a wonderful

resource they are!

Sharing a cup of coffee, some laughter, and some health information 
Enrique learns some foot-care information, and then the student nurse bathes his feet for him. Ahhhh, that felt good!
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